January 22, 2021

Thyroid Disorder

Nearly 1/3rd Indian adult suffer from a thyroid disorder 1 in 10 Indian have hypothyroidism – twice prevalent in women than in men. Weakness, fatigue, weight gain, depression, high cholesterol gain affecting workforce overall productivity and absenteeism Risk of obesity, joint pains and heart diseases …

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is not a disease but a disorder, affecting more than 10% of the human population. It is a condition where the body either does not produce adequate insulin or the insulin produced is not properly utilized, due to which the glucose concentration remains high …

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

What happens when you think of visiting a doctor or hospital? Long queues, a dull and monotonous waiting hall, desperation to get inside the doctor’s chamber, gloomy faces of ailing patients; what one would imagine they would have to go through. However, in recent times, …

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