January 22, 2021
Diagnostic Centers and Labs

SOP for Labs and Diagnostic Centers

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Labs, Diagnostic Centers, and other Healthcare Facilities, in the Post Lockdown era

This document outlines the measures and processes recommended for a healthcare facility to function in the COVID-19 era after the easing of the lockdown, while still ensuring the safety of the patients, staff and the doctors. 

Equipments suggested:

  1. Thermal/ Infrared Thermometer – at the entrances
  2. Masks – for all employees
  3. Gloves – for all employees
  4. Face shields – for all employees in close proximity to patients or sample collection
  5. Disinfectants – hypochlorite or similar
  6. Hand Sanitizers – alcohol based recommended
  7. Manual or Automated Dispensers for Hand Sanitizers
  8. PPE Kits – recommended for sample collection of SARI/ ILI symptomatic patients

Temperature Scanning

It is recommended that temperature scanning be done at each entry point of the facility, before allowing a person to walk in. This includes visitors, patients, as well as the employees working in the facility. 

Equipment Used: Infrared or Thermal Thermometer


  • Scan the temperature of each patient, employee or visitor, using an infrared thermometer before they walk in.
  • If temperature is elevated, i.e. above 100℉ (degree Fahrenheit), do not allow to enter the general waiting area. Take the sample outside, in the vehicle, or at the entrance area. 
  • If it is not possible to do so, allow them to enter but ensure safe distancing from all others including employees, while they are being served.
  • Document the measurements of high temperature scans, if not possible to document all scans. This would help in isolating and contact tracing in case of an infection.

Disinfecting the Facility

Equipment Used: Industrial grade disinfectant or Sodium Hypochlorite solution.


  • Prepare the hypochlorite solution or disinfectant solution as per the mentioned guidelines.
  • Clean all surfaces including table tops, counters, shelves, chairs, equipments, lavatories, and door handles using the solution.
  • This is recommended to be done twice a day, once before the facility opens for the day, and then after closing for the day.
  • This will help ensure that the virus or contaminant does not remain on any surface for long.

Personal Protection

Equipment: Masks, Gloves, PPE, Face shields.


  • All employees should wear gloves and face masks mandatorily.
  • Front line staff and doctors directly interacting with patients in close proximity should wear a face shield, if not full personal protective equipment (PPE) or bodysuits.
  • Direct all patients or visitors in the facility to wear face masks in the facility. Only remove in case the doctor or staff needs to examine or access the face, mouth, neck, or throat area.
  • Place and provide hand sanitizers at the entrance, doctor’s chambers, or other appropriate places in the facility.
  • Ensure that social distancing norms, i.e. safe distance of few feet is maintained between individuals unless absolutely necessary.

General Guidelines and Measures

General Awareness

  • Educate the staff and patients to follow the norms of social distancing, hygiene and personal protection to safeguard the health of everyone in the facility.
  • Put up posters in the waiting areas or entrance halls guiding the visitors, employees and patients on the norms to be followed.

Online Bookings and Prior Appointments

  • Advise patients to book appointments prior to their visit, through digital mediums, website, or telephonically.
  • Maintain proper queue management in case of walk in patients.
  • As mentioned already social distancing measures must be maintained in the waiting areas, and adequate space is allocated for the same.
  • This will help ensure that there is no unnecessary crowding at the facility and patients don’t need to wait for a long time, hence limiting exposure.

Contactless Payments

  • Allow for patients to make prepayments or digital payments as much as possible.
  • This will help ensure minimum exposure to infected currency or plastic cards exchanging hands.

Digital Reports

  • Provide reports and prescriptions digitally as much as possible, to limit exposure of staff and patients.
  • Educate patients to use digital health platforms to manage their reports and prescriptions, and share the same with their doctors.

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